Ubongo Toolkits allows you to download and save Akili and Me and Ubongo Kids videos on your phone or devise for your kid to enjoy later! And it’s for free!

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The Web Platform

Use the web platform to easily browse through content, filtering by subject, resource type and target age range. Preview resources before downloading to share with kids!

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The Whatsapp Chatbot

Chat with the Ubongo Whatsapp Chatbot and get great caregiver tips as well as easy access to TV showtimes, weekly learning timetables and free mobile optimised resources!

  1. Add +1234 900 1234 to your phonebook
  2. Send a message to that number on WhatsApp (you can send anything)
  3. Chat with the bot!
  4. Share your opinions/ suggestions (we are still working to improve the chatbots and your input is highly valued!)