You are your child’s first teacher!

85% of the brain is developed by the time a person is 5-years-old. The relationship formed between caregivers and kids during this time is incredibly important for their early childhood development!

Akili and Me teaches 3 to 6 year olds numeracy, pre-literacy, English as a second language, art and socio-emotional skills for holistic early childhood education. a

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“Perfect! I love this app. This app has helped my 18+ month old learn to identify letters and it’s (sic) phonic sounds! I love the interactive part where the child has to choose one of the different letters around to fit the correct letters in the middle. My baby is not even 2 yet and can identify, sound out, and give more than one example of every letter in the alphabet.”

– Parent on Google PlayStore

This is my son’s favourite show, he is trying to count already! Thank you for this show! 
We love it!

– Parent on YouTube

The first time I saw your cartoon (Akili and Me) on TV, I stared at it as if I was possessed. My kid bro loves it too!

– Mohammed Shuaib on Facebook

If not Akili then my kids will not watch any other cartoon. Once they hear the Akili song everything else is suspended.

– Precious Anozie Simon on Facebook

My baby loves Akili and Me. Sits for hourrrssss watching this lil girl and she just be watching and playing like she understands.

– Lyric, parent from Twitter

My kids are watching Akili and Me (Mainly DJ) and he loves it. My baby is going to be talking in full sentences by September: he already talks too much!

– A parent from Twitter
child’s age:  1 & 6 years old

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